Submit To!

Here we will list any affiliated screening events and short film fests.  For the time being, we strongly suggest you prepare with the following material, regardless of where you submit:

  1. Build a film site, blog, v-log, gallery prior to submitting.  It should contain:
    • Production stills sized small, medium, and large
    • An additional 1-3 hi-res poster images for download
    • ABOUT & BACKGROUND copy-writing on the film in 1 & 3 paragraph options
    • Any self-made press releases for different milestones completed during the production process
    • A link to the score if originally composed to the composer's benefit (via pay or free download)
    • Your teaser and/or trailer(s) and any suitable bonus content
    • A downloadable press kit with all the above AND photos and bios of the cast and heads of department 
    • The list can grow from here, do your research and think outside the box
  2. If you attend any events, bring 1-3 aids minimum to help work the crowd and collect e-mail addresses
    • Do so on an ipad or digital interface.  If that's not available, have your assistant personally write the addresses.  Don't leave it to chance to lose a valuable contact.  Add these addresses to your mailing list so they can be sent updates.
  3. Add the teasers and trailers of fellow filmmakers on your site and send yours to them in return. Create a marketing wave via cross-promotion.
  4. Do your best to be consistent to keep the audience engaged.  Don't stop creating.  Every day counts. We know this is easier said than done which is why most don't do it. Diligence sets you apart.

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