Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Current State of Affairs


There are no members currently but the goal in the near future will be to recruit a community of artists and business people with the aim of content and job creation servicing lower-middle income communities within film/TV. More likely than not the launch platforms will be Vimeo, VHX and Youtube supported by other media outlets like Instagram, Vine and Twitter.

Harnessing the greater-than-average need placed on our demographic means more impassioned pleas and more superior planning when asking for funds. The art of the campaign and community outreach is ours to master.

To be very clear, when I say "our demographic" I mean people who are educated and talented, or otherwise destined to be, but are at or near the poverty line. This also includes anyone without disposable income capable of handling a medical emergency, providing for one's own expenses, or being able to set aside and prepare for a family.

It's hard to lead without content and without first-hand case-studies and preferable to lead from the front. So the steps for this program moving forward require that I fit in personal projects so that my portfolio reflects an active philosophy and service offering.

You can catch up on my personal progress at http://carlosmsanchez.weebly.com. I will be updating this blog monthly as things progress in preparation for development of the community. The first step will be individual outreach for as many as 100 people divided by specific groupings and represented by leaders appointed by criteria to be written and revised by a committee of founders.

B.A.U.S will ultimately become a staging ground in pursuit of financial independence and fringe benefits for its members yet to be included in professional unions within the film and TV industry. Here members will learn to write for grants, mount a social media campaign, employ and protect their peers while contributing to the greater community through youth mentoring or green efforts.

Stay tuned.

Carlos Sanchez