BAUS Community Film Slate

Send the following to
SUBJECT: Film Announcement: 'TITLE' by Director
BODY: 'TITLE' by Director, Produced by Producer - Production phase - Link

SUBJECT: Film Announcement: 'THE GREAT FILM CLUB' by John Doe
'THE GREAT FILM CLUB' by John Doe, Produced by Jane Doe - Postproduction - Link to trailer

Phases are:
Development, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, Produced

Link suggestions (preferably from your website):
Development - production blog with a sample scene and concept art
Pre-production - a video blog with scouting trips, storyboards, and interviews of department heads
Production - A still gallery, or making of featurettes (one or more)
Post Production - 1 teaser and 1 trailer, poster art, a notable score to stream
Produced - Link to Eventbrite screening events, or to download/streaming location (vimeo)

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