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BAUS is set out to establish itself as a staging platform for career builders.  Our goal is to help it's members turn filimmaking into a sustainable lifestyle.  That means incorporating standard indie business practices into our workflow and pushing our films out into the market.

We needed something on the web that could help organize our interests and set clear goals for our community.  This web-site is by no means the final stage of that pursuit.  But it is a starting point. With your involvement, we'll grow in no time and leverage that unified power into greater investments.

We want your input and to promote your success.
The short term benefits are:
1. You get to know how big and strong we really are and overall morale increases
2. We'll publish your crew calls
3  You can find regular updates on BAUS programs and initiatives that you can be apart of

The middle and long term benefits are:
1. A stronger community for faster and more efficient filmmaking = more fun and less hassle
2. More chances at stronger films, practice makes perfect
3. The bigger we grow the more attention we attract, press pushes success and America loves an underdog
4. The more success we create, the easier it gets for us to leverage that credibility into financing
5. That credibility also serves you and your team when competing in festivals

Please take the following steps to establish yourself as a firm member of BCFS:

1. Save this page.
2. Join the BAUS Facebook Group
3. Add your information to our crew directory signup form and keep it updated
4. Send crew calls and internship opportunities to
5. Join the E-reach Blast list that connects the performing arts students at BC - signup here.
5. If you are producing a show, please follow the suggested instructions on our Slate page.


Work as a production assistant until you find the department you're interested in, then work in that department until you are given license to manage it a few times.  Use the crew directory to find ADs or others to contact in order to volunteer your time.  When you decide there's something you can continue doing, build those credits and a reel or resume to accompany it and announce yourself on our crew directory.

Thanks all.

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